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Success Story


The Early Years And Beyond

Hello my name is Barbara Dzibinski and I am 33 years old. I started using alcohol and drugs at the early age of 12. I was born into and grew up in extreme poverty where drugs and alcohol predominate. I had been molested every week from the ages of 9-12 by my brother’s best friend. My brother was a pot dealer so when he went to prison I fell easily into the family business. By age 14, I was a full blown drug addict smoking marijuana and drinking every day, taking mushrooms or LSD on the weekends and sometimes cocaine throughout the week.

I was arrested once as a juvenile and ordered to a 30-day adolescent treatment facility for drugs and alcohol. At age 16 my mother was brutally murdered while at work. That event rocked my world and changed my life forever. In an instant, I became an orphan and a ward of the state in which I was sent to foster care. Life became slightly more stable for a year and I was going to church on a regular basis. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Then I was shipped off to another foster home. I finished out high school and received my diploma.

I Would Like Help

The Road To Recovery

Then, it was off to college and back to the races of alcohol and drugs. Parties were the normal and alcohol and drugs were just a part of my college lifestyle. I was drinking, smoking, and snorting cocaine daily. I was taking a summer semester after finishing my second year of college and received a call telling me my brother had been in a shootout with the police in Florida. I was the next and only kin to make the decision of life support. By the next day when I had made it to Florida he was declared brain dead and the day before my 21st I was again planning funeral arrangements for someone I loved and the last remaining family member I knew.

I was severely depressed, addicted to cocaine and didn’t want to live anymore. My godparents invited me to take a semester off from school to come live with them, so I did. I stopped doing drugs and life was a little better. I was going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and attending church weekly. Then I applied to go back to school and got in. Back in college I started drinking and doing cocaine and smoking pot again. I ended up dropping out after a year so I could do drugs full time. That’s when I found crack cocaine. I would do anything for it. I was a slave to it and my every waking thought was consumed with getting and using crack. Until one night I was arrested and sentenced to drug court. I got clean again until drug court was over and then I went right back to using drugs. This time I had progressed to methamphetamine. I was again arrested and then sentenced impatient treatment. I stayed clean a year and then 3 months after moving out of the rehab I was back to the drugs. I incurred 3 more meth convictions and my life seemed as though I was predestined to be in bondage to drugs until I died.

The Difference At Shining Light

Then divine intervention occurred on March 23, 2016 when I was arrested again for my 5th meth charge and a violation of probation. I thought I was going to prison for 10 years when God decided He had another plan for my life. I had been ravaged by the disease of addiction for 19 yrs. and God swooped His hand down and saved me from the path of destruction I was on. I was sentenced to Shining Light Ministries instead of a lengthy prison sentence. While at Shining Light I have learned to deal and cope with the traumatic events of my past and how to lead a drug free lifestyle with Jesus Christ as the head of my life. I thank Ms. Teresa for being a woman of God and listening to God’ voice of opening Shining Light so myself and other women like me have a place to go to recover. I am now employed as an office manager and know that I never have to use drugs again. I have hope and joy and I love life today. We Do Recover!