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Success Story


The Early Years And Beyond

I spent many years struggling with addiction and selling drugs, until I got my first reality check and was arrested for a string of violent crimes, which I was facing 10 years minimum in prison. While I was sitting many months in county jail, I discovered God and AA. Teresa was my favorite teacher to come in and talk to us. We felt God when she came in. One night sitting on the yard thumbing through the grass, I silently prayed for a sign from God to show me a four leaf clover if I wasn’t going spend ten years in prison.

Teresa didn’t know of this, but when she came to us she brought me her daughters precious moments bible to use,  I had told her I didn’t need it but she insisted saying she felt God wanted me to have it.  So I accepted and went to my cell that night with my first assignment from her to look up a list of scriptures she had given me. The first scripture I looked up in her Bible had a dried four leaf clover in between the pages,  something her daughter happened to hide there some time back.  But for me it was my sign from God.  And it truly was.  I was released after 13 months on probation and I went to live with Teresa at her home to begin a journey.

I Would Like Help

It went well for a few months but then I got restless and in time I relapsed and I left.  Within just few months, of course I went back to jail and sent to prison serving 4 years 9 months this time.

I grew a lot there though, I was assigned to work on the pig farm which ended up being some of the best years of my life.  I learned about myself and God, my strengths and weaknesses. I finally was put into a transition center where I was able to save money, buy a car and get an apartment. I even had a job as manager at Wendy’s.

I did great for over a year that time.  But I took my eyes off Jesus and ended up dating someone who brought meth back into my life again.  I spent the next few years in the pits of hell, selling drugs, things started getting very ugly,  I had even started using the needle. I was hopeless, I cried out to Jesus and tried to stop.  But my drug buddies got extremely angry with my wanting to quit  It was like a movie,  things got scary.  My boyfriend and his friends bullied me to get drugs, they robbed me into homelessness, poured gasoline on me threatening to set me on fire, shot me as I ran scared into the night screaming through the woods, they even beat me with a baseball bat.  I was so scared and depressed. I had begun shooting up so much I was pretty much praying for death.

The Road To Recovery

On Christmas of 2012, I had called my mom whom I had not spoke to in years.  I reached out crying and asking for her help to get a ticket to Florida. I cried telling her if I don’t go I would without a doubt end up dead.  My stepdad wouldn’t let her help me at first but then against his wishes she helped me behind his back saying she heard something desperate in me and different and it scared her.  So on New Year’s Day of 2013 she came and put me on a plane to Florida. I never really experienced withdrawal. I worked very hard riding a bike 9 miles a day to work and quickly got my own apartment and started going to church.

I gradually worked my way up to a car was doing great but again stopped praying and I lost my good job due to lack of funds,  I became unemployed, lost my apartment and started drinking.

God got me a job at Liberty Tax.  My boss was amazing,  I was hired as a phone agent.  My boss saw that I was smart and she helped me become a certified tax accountant right away.  Within a month she opened a new office and made me office manager.  I also learned many other valuable skills through her.  Things looked up again.

The Difference At Shining Light

I recently came to New Mexico to visit another guy I had grown up with.  He brought me to see my grandparents and other family and even his family as we had known each other for  26 years.  So on Sept 24, 2016 I returned to live in New Mexico.  His name is Kyle. He is amazing.  This is the first man I have ever been with who is not abusive in any way.  He is stable and builds cop cars for a living and owns his home.  We are happy and he let me bring my dog, and he wants to help me with school for accounting.  My entire family is happy I am with him as it turns out they all knew he always loved me lol.  He is the kindest, funniest guy I ever known.  It feels like a fairy tale.  I never believed I deserved this kind of love. I am very happy being here with family again.  On January 1st, it will be four years free of drugs.  My life is finally different!  I have found peace and balance and stability in my life and thank God for grace and mercy.

I love you Ms. Teresa.  Although it took many years to get it right, you were the one who planted the seed for me.  I am very proud of how far you have come.  My mom was right when she said “you were an angel sent to me from God”.