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We are pleased to share the following testimony of one of our recent graduates, Doryanna.

“I was born into a family with many generations of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as mental illness. My mother was very abusive and violent because of her own mental illness. My father was neglectful, at best. I never know about a relationship with God or Jesus because we were told that there was no God. At the age of 4 I was introduced to incest when a family member began molesting me on a regular basis that went on for 5 years. I grew up not wanting anything to do with drugs or alcohol because I saw how it was destroying my family. My brother began using and abusing drugs when he was 12, I was 14 at the time. I threw myself into school and work and I attempted to stay one step ahead of my demons. I could feel them everywhere. I married and had a daughter and for the first time I felt what true, unconditional love was.

When I was an adult, my father began abusing prescription drugs. He went on a 5 year odyssey with my brother and I rarely saw wither of them. At 36, I was prescribed pain medication and I loved how it made me feel, or more appropriately how it made me not feel. Within a year, I was a full blown addict. At that same time I found my brother dead on the floor of a cheap motel on Christmas Eve. He had overdosed on drugs, 3 months later my father committed suicide because he could not deal with the guild of my brother’s death. My doctor then prescribed Xanax to me and once I had the combo of pain meds and xanax, I became a monster. In the course of 8 months I had been in and out of jail 3 times. I quit using the xanax but I could not give up my beloved pain meds. At that point they were my only friend and companion. I went down a very dark road and would go to any length to get those drugs, including lying, stealing, and manipulating.

In 2014, I was arrested for my 5th time and offered the change for treatment. I jumped at the opportunity and I was introduced to Ms. Teresa and Shining Light. I was full of fear and denial and I realized how truly broken and sick I had become. Through the classes offered at Shining Light, I found out who I am and what God says about me. I developed an intimate relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I became willing to do whatever it took to stay clean and overcome my character flaws. I also learned that my whole life had been like a play and that I had never knew how to live life on life’s terms. Through trauma counseling, I have begun the slow process of healing and wound’s of abuse. Through MRT, and Anger Management, I learned to see my part in my problems and to not be a victim. The old wounds never go away, but I was able to begin the process. The scars will always remain, but only as painless, beautiful imperfections that make me who I am. I have worth and value and goals.