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Merry Christmas To All!

Close your eyes and feel how Christ works in your life. Look back and be thankful for all the blessings you received and for staying strong despite all odds that came your way.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Teresa Bestwick
Founder/Executive Director

We are pleased to share Heather’s story of recovery.

When I got to Shining Light I was very angry, fearful, hopeless and lost. I started praying on my knees morning and night asking for God to keep me clean and take the desire to use away. A strange thing started to happen, I was changing. I did not have the desire to do drugs for the first time since I started using at the age of 14. That was a miracle in itself. God was moving in my life and I surrendered. I was tired of fighting the world to hold on to something that wasn’t even real. Through counseling, trauma resolution, conflict management, NA and AA meetings, Bible Studies and the awesome treatment team, I was taught how to live my life again. Anger Management was huge for me because I was so full of anger and didn’t now how to handle it, that I made a lot of bad choices that lead to many consequences. I never thought I could face my past and through trauma resolution I have been able to receive the healing I so desperately needed.

Today I have the tools to know how to live my life successful and stay clean. God has blessed me in many ways while I was at Shining Light Recovery Home for Women. I lost everything in my addiction and right before I went to look for a job, business clothes in my size were donated.

I have realized over this past year that nothing is impossible with God. I have a relationship with my family today that I have never had before. I am so grateful for God bringing me to Shining Light and for Shining Light bringing me back to my God. I would not trade the peace I have today for anything in the world. I was shown the love at Shining Light that I needed until I could learn to love myself. Today I have a future. Those might not seem like big words to you but they mean the world to me.

Only by the grace of God, am I here and alive to have the privilege of being Sales Professional of the Year at Toyota.

Thank you Ms. Teresa and Shining Light for showing me a better way!