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Success Story


The Early Years And Beyond

I, Pauline, was one when my mother abandoned me with my grandparents and she moved to a different state. I was molested by a stranger when I was four years old. My grandparents and I then moved to Georgia with my mom. I was made to work in the garden all day, scrub floors with a toothbrush and never allowed to bring home school books or homework. I was abused verbally, mentally and emotionally all of my life until I was 14 and got married and began a long sorrowful life of drugs.

I Would Like Help

The Road To Recovery

I’ve been arrested thirty something times and to prison twice. Still none of that stopped me. I was relentless. I lived to use and used to live. This last time of incarceration from an aggravated assault charge was to have bestowed upon me a 15 year sentence. But, all the sudden God intervened. I got sentenced to Shining Light where I was about to embrace the road less traveled.

The Difference At Shining Light

I never heard of rehab or recovery but 6 months in to treatment my life is changing in a very big way. I’m healing from the inside out. I’m learning through several counseling sessions here, I’m not a total loss that my problem laid within me and life’s circumstances being drugs, was only a symptom to my problem. I’m proud to say I’m right where I need to be. Life’s getting better everyday for living within my head and heart; the classes changing my life are MRT, Matrix, Parenting Classes, and Bible Studies. I’m ever so blessed to have been given the last chance. Thank you Shining Light, Teresa Bestwick, my wonderful family and support team.