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Recovery Program Phases

Building A Foundation with Healthy Recovery and Freedom from the Past


Recovery from chemical dependency is a process preceded by a desire to change. Shining Light Ministries utilize an integrated approach to minister, educate, and support the needs of women seeking recovery and healthy living.


The Program

The approach is simple. We expose, empower, and educate women with the use of the Bible, Big Book, and Audio/Visual Recovery tools. We start the journey with this process to support residents with recovery, healing, discovery, and restoration.

During the intake, a new resident will meet with staff for a final review of program with opportunity to ask questions. Following, staff and resident signs off on necessary paperwork. After paperwork is signed and dated, the staff introduces resident to other residents and insure smooth settling into living area.

Weekly Bible Meetings are held to support and educate residents through the process of God’s Holy word and recovery. Residents will have a front row opportunity to learn more about the Bible and apply scriptures to daily living. This environment will display a positive regard and nonjudgmental approach to the care and well-being of residents.

Boundary Meetings are held weekly to teach residents how to establish and maintain healthy balance and relationships. Boundaries are essential for growth and nurturing healthy relationships. Learning how to self-express, utilize communication tools, and cope effectively is essential to self-development and maintenance. Taking this first step enhances resident’s awareness about need for balance and boundaries. Moving forward the resident can take tools learned and apply in daily living.

Weekly attendance to community AA and NA meetings will be embraced throughout program. This community exposes residents to additional support and social network of the recovery universe. This outlet provides a nurturing community that influences desire to remain clean and sober. While presenting a relatable platform for residents to communicate and connect.

I Would Like Help

Each resident will be required have an opportunity to walk and be exposed to fitness options. Fitness and physical health is a part of the integrated approach at Shining Light Ministries. Residents are encouraged to look at the whole self as the journey through the process of self-care, maintenance, and growth. During this time residents will also have an opportunity to meditate and connect with God.

Residents are responsible for doing chores daily. A chore list will be posted and residents will be assigned. Staff will check chores daily and will model techniques if there’s a need and insure a structured residential setting.

Residents are responsible for meal preparation and service. Staff oversees assigned preparers and generate weekly menus. Menus are displayed in common area. Periodically, residents participate in meeting focused on nutrition and healthy eating.

Life Skills Meetings are held weekly to allow residents to identify and cope with personal challenges. Residents are encouraged to self-express, suggests, and provide feedback to others. This setting will be facilitated by staff; however, residents are encouraged to interact with one another. It also services as a platform to strengthen communication and coping skills. This community is a safe environment for residents to learn, develop, and grow. Shining Light Ministries understand some subject matters are better discussed in private setting. Therefore, residents upon request will have the option to request an individual meeting with staff.

Residents are exposed to recreational activities to include but not limited to: swimming, movies, and bowling. Staff will decide when to implement and notify residents accordingly. This opportunity affords outlets and alternate means to have fun in a healthy environment.

Church services are attended weekly in the community. This opportunity affords residents to connect with fellow believers. Staff will provide transportation to and from services.

Residents have personal time/quiet time weekly and joint devotionals daily. This is an opportunity for residents to engage in personal reflections. This plays an intricate part in residents fining peace and spiritual transformations.

The community provides an opportunity for all residents to gather and process feelings, struggles, and barriers to recovery. This environment supports and assists with problem solving, conflict resolution, and overcoming barriers. The outcome builds skills, strengthens abilities, and enhances knowledge base. The therapeutic community can be up to four months depending the needs of residents. The residential community is the phase where residents will seek employment, schooling, and apply tools learned in therapeutic community.

Elective Program

The elective program allows residents who have completed and graduated our Residential Community program to remain if they have not found safe and suitable housing up to 90-days.

Relapse Program

This is a post graduate 90-day in house program for those who have relapsed.