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My name is Rosa, I am a 29 years old single mother of a 6 years old little girl. I have been addicted to drugs and alcohol since the age of 12. I was raised by my father since the age of 8 till about 16 when I ran away for my last time. I tended to live like a gypsy and travel and set up shop where the  drugs were. I have been in and out of juvenile and jail my whole life but more in since 2005 when I found METH. My life went down hill in a huge hurry. Over the course of the past 7 years I have lost everything and then some. I had my daughter in 2006 and just knew the love I had for her would keep me clean…Boy was I wrong. My addiction got even worse and so did the guilt and embarrassment. I moved family member to family member to try to start over until they finally caught on. In 2009 I robbed my aunt for all she had which landed me in jail for a few months. I got out and started all over again with a different aunt. My addiction to meth took off at an all time high and I couldn’t begin to be a mother and an addict…Something had to go, and it was my daughter. I gave her to my mom in November 2010. Shortly after giving my daughter up I got arrested with two new drug charges, violation of probation, and yet another burglary charge. I sat in jail for 6 months just knowing I was going to prison for a LONG time but praying for rehab. I was accepted into Shining Light in August 2011 where I started a new chapter in my life. I have learned the love of Jesus Christ and gotten the drive to stay clean. I now know what it is to work hard for what you want, to be kind to others and to put myself and my recovery first.

I know my journey is only just beginning and I have a long road ahead of me but if I keep my eyes on the Lord and keep the tools that I have acquired close to my heart, my chances for success are far greater for me.