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Success Story


The Early Years And Beyond

Hi, my name is Sveta, and I am an alcoholic. I came to the Shining Light Recovery Home for women on May 14, 2012, and I came there broken, hopeless, exhausted, angry and empty inside.

I Would Like Help

The Road To Recovery

My husband brought me there after obtaining a disposition order from our home, signed by the Judge. His exact words to me were: “Darling, you are the love of my life, but I can not watch you kill yourself.

You have two choices:

  1. you can get in the car with me, and I will take you to treatment, which I will pay for
  2. you can go live on the street as a drunk

I chose number 1. It was not easy. It took a lot of Theresa Bestwick’s patience and wit to get me to stay the first day. For that, I am Eternally grateful . In the course of the next three months something began to change deep in my psyche, I no longer felt fearful that I may not make it the next day. Somehow, quietly, unnoticeable for me, but most definitely victoriously the Hope moved in and was there to stay.

The Difference At Shining Light

Teresa Bestwick’s efforts to feed us physically, emotionally and spiritually deserve serious attention. The curriculum at the Shining Light includes a vast variety of classes, study courses, training seminars, hands-on participation, coupled with submergence in to a healthy Spiritual living. Women are introduced to healthy concepts and basics of simply enjoying everyday life: cooking together, worship in a local community, volunteering, craftsmanship, fitness classes, entertainment such as movies, bowling, picnics etc. The “Shining Light Girls” are popular and well liked through their good reputation of doing charity and volunteer work in McDonough and surrounding areas. In closing , I would like to add that I now have sixteen and a half months sober. Upon the completion of the three months at the Shining Light, I have transitioned in to a three-quarter sober living facility, having dedicated a total of 1 year to to my recovery. I now have a great sponsor, have gone through the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I continue to dedicate my life to recovery, and stay connected with daily meetings and work with other women raising awareness and bringing attention to recovery. I feel I have been truly blessed to experience Shining Light Ministries as part of my recovery journey. I will always be indebted to Ms. Teresa Bestwick for saving my life.